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Ag Barn/Animal Information

Scroll to the bottom of the screen for documents that contain animal project information 

Houston Calf Scramble Video:  Houston Calf Scramble

Links to Show Animal Helpful Tips:
Show Pigs: (14 Videos)
Principles for success - Determination
Pig Nutrition
*  Feeding Nutrition-Show Pigs
*The basics and breakdown of Feeding show pigs - from an Ag teacher
Selecting and Feeding your show pig
How to evaluate show pigs
How to Clip and Groom Show Pigs (Part 1)
*How to Clip and Groom Show Pigs (Part 2)
Additional Tips to Clipping Pigs (Part 3)
Show Pig Daily Grooming
Training Show Pigs
Show Pig Exercise Program
Show Pig Pens and Bedding
*Finishing your pig for show
*MORE great videos from ADM - watch the whole series (mormans feeds)

Show Animal Safety Video Series (14 Videos)  
Right From The Start - Safety Basics
Right From The Start - Beef Cattle
Right From The start - Cattle Trailers
Right From The Start - Goats
Right From The Start - Sheep Right From the Start - Swine

Expo Bird Resource links:
Poultry Show
Texas Youth Livestock.Poultry Projects


State Fair Lamb and Goat Rules Grant Brill 9/21/2017 604 KB
Quality Counts numbers.Updated.10.30.17 Stacy Schertz 10/30/2017 28 KB
Quality Counts Test Instructions Stacy Schertz 10/30/2017 836 KB
Resources for Exposition Birds Stacy Schertz 10/30/2017 13 KB
Feeding Strategies for Broilers Stacy Schertz 11/16/2017 296 KB
Pig Project Info Kari Wells 8/16/2022 637 KB
Cattle Interest Information Stacy Schertz 9/28/2022 1532 KB



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